Over the years, we have received a lot of positive feedback for our products. We have compiled a small selection of what people say about us. You, too, are welcome to email us your feedback to

"I bought the Wilco Jojoba Oil a while back as a present for my mom. She was over the moon about it and told me that this was by far the best jojoba oil she had ever used.”  Brunhilde L.

“Even my husband has commented on my smooth skin. The oil is absolutely fantastic: I’m sure I’ll turn into a bulk buyer! And a little goes a long way.” Astrid P.

"For years, I have been using nothing but Wilco Jojoba Oil, and more and more people are commenting on my fresh and youthful look. Even though I have just turned 52." Michael W.B.

"I simply love the Wilco Classic Nail Care pen. It has transformed my nails and cuticles and they are now perfectzly cared for, nourished and moisturized. This pen is easy to us, handy and perfect on the go."  Melanie L.

"For years I suffered from a twitching eye, but since I have been taking the Blue Green Algae by Wilco, the twitch has gone. I also feel fitter, fresher and soemhow energized."  Susanne M.

"As I am getting older, I am feeling my concentration lapse. I struggle with remebering things or with focusing on certain tasks. Since taking the Blue Green Algae by Wilco, I have been feeling a lot better. I am more alert und attentive."  Gunda F.

"Whenever I want to spil myself, I take a hot bath and the rub myself in Jojoba Oil from head to toe, slip into my bathrobe and go to bed with a good book. A real treat for body and soul." Ingrid F.

I am taking the Wilco AFA Algae since 12 years and although I am diabetic my health values  are perfect and my doctor is always suprised how fit and agile I am. Heidi W.


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