Wilco Classic - Wildrosen Öl

is a 100% natural and unadulterated skin care oil with a delicate wild rose scent. Natural jojoba oil and mild almond oil provide moisture and keep the skin soft and supple. The precious Rosa mosqueta oil promotes the natural regenerative power of the skin, and pure rose oil combined with essential oils provide a pleasant and stimulating scent.

•  It promotes the natural regenerative power of the skin and ensures a fresh and lively look  
•  It is rich in skin-protecting essential fatty acids, natural vitamins and lipids
•  It makes the skin soft and supple and gives it a silky feel
•  It has an invigorating and harmonizing effect, absorbs especially quickly and is non-greasy


– Free from preservatives
– Free from synthetic perfumes or coloring agents
– Free from parabens
– Free from mineral oils, paraffins and silicones

Wilco Classic Wild Rose Oil comes in a environmentally friendly PET bottle.



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